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What Makes Us Different


Complete Body Wellness Studio is a Physical Therapy Clinic in Alpharetta, GAComplete Body Wellness Studio, a Physical Therapy clinic in Alpharetta, GA was founded by Ginger Carr, Physical Therapist, who had a vision of providing individualized physical therapy care to every patient in pain and providing a means for that patient to continue their progress in to a fitness program for lasting results.

Through her own personal experience, she learned an efficient and effective form of rehabilitation, taking every human body system in to consideration.  If the body is not treated as a whole, rehab is not complete and the problem can reoccur.  

For years she had been practicing the traditional way of physical therapy and achieving good results, but she wanted phenomenal results for her patients.  Results to empower the patient with self-body awareness and knowledge to keep themselves healthy and strong in the future.  Ginger wants you to recognize your strengths but also your tendencies or bad movement habits that can potentially cause you to get injured during daily activities.

To accomplish that goal, we at Complete Body Wellness Studio, a leading physical therapy clinic in Alpharetta make the patient/client our top priority.  The patient/client receives personalized, compassionate care with undivided attention from a licensed physical therapist, even if you are here only for a fitness program.  Ongoing assessments are performed to monitor your progress and adjust the therapy/fitness program when appropriate to fit your needs.  Explanation and reason for any program changes will be given to you each visit so you learn more about yourself each time. 



When you are ready to progress from physical therapy to a fitness program or you arrive for the first time looking for a exercise workout that is creative and motivating, we will strive for your satisfaction.  We offer an excellent Pilates fitness program in Alpharetta, GA that can be gentle yet challenging and range from beginner to high-energy workouts.  Barre and TRX exercises along with a cardio workout can be integrated in to the program to keep your experience fresh.  You get the variety without getting lost in a group setting.  And you get the benefit of having a physical therapy assessment each workout because we keep your sessions one-on-one in a more intimate setting with constant supervision to ensure proper form and technique.  Our professional and serious approach to exercise ensures you reach your fitness goals and exceed your expectations.  (Read more about Pilates, Barre and TRX on our service pages)


You can visit us with or without a doctor’s referral.  

Our Physical Therapy clinic is located at 11805 Northfall Lane, Suite 804, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009.  Give us a call at 770-712-5955 to book your initial therapy screening.

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